Meet Jane Garee

jane-gareeThe Sales Strategist for the Non-Sales Person ™

Jane’s passion is helping business owners gain confidence to take their brand and services into the world through sales strategies that uncover their strongest business traits, position themselves for success and stand out in a crowd so their companies prosper.

Jane teachers her clients how to create sales verbiage and deliver it with authenticity and finesse, so they have the confidence to “sell” themselves in a way that feels natural and easy. She works with her clients so they learn powerful and precise language and master the art of a conversation with a purpose so they broadcast their brilliance through customized sales strategies and deliver it with style, flair and fun. When you work with Jane, you will stop hearing “I have to think about it” or “I can’t afford it” and just hear, “Yes! I’m ready!” Her specialized expertise includes selling in three mediums: copywriting, enrollment conversations and keynote presentations. As Jane likes to explain it, she shows others how to, “Sell from the page, sell while engaged and sell from the stage!™”

A much sought-after speaker, radio show guest, feature article/blog writer and author, Jane is the Founder and owner of Lilyflower Entreprises. With over twenty years experience in three different industries as a top producing Sales Manager and Trainer, she is known for breaking revenue and income records for new businesses and helps her clients do the same. Her presentations have been described as, “A cross between education and a stand- up comedy routine”. She is now on a quest to teach others that selling is not just necessary, it’s actually fun. You can visit jane at or email her at