Meet Our Mentors

Mentoring concept


What is a Mentor?

According to Merriam-Webster a mentor is:

Someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced person.
A trusted counselor or guide.
The Food Styling School believes that the most successful people have had mentoring at some time in their lives. It is through the care and nurturing of someone who has experience that we learn the most “real life” information.  Here at The Food Styling School we strive to provide excellent mentors to help in every area of your food styling, photography and/or blogging business so that you may enjoy a career that you are passionate about while earning the money you deserve.

Our mentors will be expanding in the coming months to 20 people who are passionate about helping others in creative culinary and photography fields. The Food Styling School Members will enjoy class lessons from them as well as live Q & A time which will be listed on the Member Community Bulletin Board.

Please, meet our Mentors. Click on their photos to review their bio and information.