Free Tutorial: How to Use a Mini Torch

Watch this free video and learn some quick tips on how to use a mini torch to make your food look beautiful and delicious!

Having the right tools and knowing how to use them is so important (and fun!) to create the aesthetic appeal you need. But more importantly, knowing how to  plate and design your food to look amazing on camera is your #1 priority as a food stylist. You also must know how to get your food looking picture perfect for a long time on set. So what do professional food stylists know that you don’t know?

Join the Food Styling Institute and learn what it has taken me over 20 years to learn as a professional food stylist. Twice a month you will get a video like the one above sent to your email inbox which covers one of the many tricks and methods I developed for making your food look fabulous. You will also be part of our online food styling mastermind where you can upload photos, ask questions and join other food stylists from around the world in our food styling and photography discussions.

If you are serious about creating a food styling career where you are in high demand or are a food blogger or food photographer looking to up your skills you need to learn from someone who has the expertise! And that someone is me, Jennifer Janz.

And, be sure to check out our marketplace to see all the food styling tools we offer…and stay tuned, because we’re adding many more soon!


About Jennifer

Jennifer Janz is the owner of A Fabulous Food Stylist & Co. and the creator or The Food Styling School. Jennifer has been in the food styling industry for 23 years and her work has appeared on thousands of local and national food packages, magazines, cookbooks, menus, television commercials, cooking shows, and advertisements.

Jennifer grew up loving art. She learned early on that working with her hands and creating objects of beauty were things that compelled her. Art, like many creative endeavors is a calling. And Jennifer answered. In college she took classes in fine art and photography as well as graphic design. She loved working with all mediums. When she graduated, she chose a path of graphic design because, well, she wasn’t sure that being a fine artist would support her. After two years in the graphic design field she was unsatisfied with sitting at a desk working on a computer. She knew there had to be something more fulfilling…


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